A detour away from Venice for a day…

Just heard about a couple of Shakespeare-related projects here in Ventura County:

First, we’ve got a production of Twelfth Night mounted by the California Shakespeare Company, headed up by William Fischer (a great director with whom I’ve worked). According to reviews, they’ve done a great job translating the play into a 1930’s movie milieu (Belch and Aguecheek appear as Laurel and Hardy).

It sounds like a great time (and if I get a chance, I’ll check it out and let you know what I think). Here’s a link to their website as well as one to a review .

Second, a pair of Ventura writers have released The Prodigious Book of Shakespeare Puzzles, a book of–well, Shakespeare puzzles. It looks like fun, especially for teachers. (BTW, it covers all the plays)

Here’s a link to their website as well as a local press story press story.

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