FireMuse Shakespeare

“O, for a muse of fire…”

At the beginning of October, I announces the launch of … the website for FireMuse Shakespeare.

The mantra of FireMuse Shakespeare is: “NO MUSEUM SHAKESPEARE.” In other words, we are vehemently against any production of a Shakespearean play that is so reverently directed, designed, and performed that it sucks the life out of it, rendering it a museum piece to be examined, not enjoyed; studied, not relished. These are often performed quasi-period by men in tights spouting faux-British accents.

F@ck that.

Rather, the concept of FireMuse Shakespeare is to have a company of actors, directors, and support staff ready to bring a repertory of plays (and not necessarily–in fact possibly EXcluding–the “usual suspects” of the Bard’s canon) to audiences; the audience books the date and brings their own seating, but we bring the show. We will set up anywhere there is a 10×15-foot space (not counting the audience). We will perform stripped-down versions of the plays–designed run no longer than 2 hours, or in some extreme cases 90 minutes (without intermission)–with minimal props and costuming. As we have no lights, all performances will be daytime performances.

AND ALL OUR SHOWS ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE (though we will make impassioned pleas for donations post-performance), but the actors will have the opportunity to take home a share of the show’s donations.

For more information on FireMuse Shakespeare, check out @fmshakes1 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

This last bit is doubly important, as there will be a major announcement coming later this week…. [SPOILERS: it’s a year-long all-digital project…]

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