Minds Full of Scorpions — now available

A week ago, Minds Full of Scorpions–our digital adaptation of Macbeth–premiered on the Elite Theatre Company’s YouTube channel.

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Richard II… “LIVE!”

OK, so occasionally, I get mail. I mean real contact through this site (as opposed to the near daily spam of folks trying to sell me on CBD, raise my Google ranking, or just send me really suspicious links). No, I mean Shakespeare Stuff.

And ladies and gents, this is one of those days.

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Bill’s been a bad, bad boy…

Yeah, yeah, I know. I didn’t post last week. Bad Bill. But I’ve been busy (as busy as one can be in these confined-at-home, pandemic days).

Come along, I’ll show ya.

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Report from the front (not as short, not as sweet… but SPOILER-y as hell)

OK, so work on ANDRONICUS marches forward.

And some news…

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A short and sweet update

Working on ANDRONICUS sounds. Working props. No rehearsal this week.

That is all.

Sorry… just really tired. And I think the lack of a show to act in is getting to me… maybe I’ll explain one day. Or maybe I won’t and just post some pictures and sound clips next week.