Richard II… “LIVE!”

OK, so occasionally, I get mail. I mean real contact through this site (as opposed to the near daily spam of folks trying to sell me on CBD, raise my Google ranking, or just send me really suspicious links). No, I mean Shakespeare Stuff.

And ladies and gents, this is one of those days.

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A short and sweet update

Working on ANDRONICUS sounds. Working props. No rehearsal this week.

That is all.

Sorry… just really tired. And I think the lack of a show to act in is getting to me… maybe I’ll explain one day. Or maybe I won’t and just post some pictures and sound clips next week.

We’re back. Again.

Here we are, my friends. Back in the saddle, so to speak.

Amazing what a worldwide pandemic can do.

Needless to say, it’s been a little weird.

As I’m now suffering from a case of strep throat, I’m too tired to go too far today. But suffice to say: time to chronicle a new project.

And a bloody good one.

More to come…

A big-time announcement

OK, so many of you know I’m playing Sir Walter Blunt and the Archbishop of York in Archway Theatre Company’s upcoming production of Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2. What you probably do know know–hell, I didn’t even know it until Saturday–is that our venue has changed.

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Guest Contributor: Who is the Most Instagrammed Writer of All Time?

[NOTE: Today we present a piece we solicited from one of our readers, Rebecca Armstrong…]

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Victorian Illustrated Shakespeare Archive

Late last week, I found the Victorian Illustrated Shakespeare Archive, a website that has digital versions of illustrations from editions of Shakespeare’s plays during the Victorian era. Curated by Michael John Goodman, a professor at Cardiff University, it is a treasure trove of cool stuff.

As you can guess, I have found some cool As You Like It-related illustrations, my favorite being
As You Like It Act I Header
Illustrator: Kenny Meadows
Engraver: John Orrin Smith

Of course, that’s my favorite, as it corresponds well with the set…