Media Thursday: a preview — 15 Men in a Smoke-Filled Room

No review for today, but rather a preview.

I’m now a part of another show. This one is a world premiere of Fifteen Men in a Smoke-Filled Room, by Colin Speer Crowley. The play concerns the 1920 Republican National Convention that nominated Warren G. Harding on what would become his successful run for the presidency (the run was much more successful than the presidency himself, as he died two years into office, amid many scandals revolving around members of his administration).

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As You Like It… a flashback

As You Like It.

Four years ago,  I was just returning from a three-year break from the Project. And the first play to get a discussion at that point was As You Like It.

And I’ve been thinking about that play a little lately.

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Media Thursday: “Lend Me Your Ears” Podcast from Slate

In this week’s “This Week in Shakespeare,” I mentioned the recent release of the latest episode of Slate Magazine’s “Lend Me Your Ears” podcast, which focuses on the nexus between Shakespeare and politics. This episode is focused on the play Richard II and the end of the Elizabethan period.

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The world in which we live

So, last night my wife, my son, and I went down to the local multiplex to catch Incredibles 2. (Good film, btw…). During the film, something happened that was…well, a little unusual.

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Media Thursday: Refugee Day — Shakespeare’s Globe

Yesterday was World Refugee Day.

On that occasion, Shakespeare’s Globe released a video of some of their actors reciting Shakespeare’s contribution to the play Sir Thomas More (one of the only bits that we have in his actual handwriting).

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Summer’s here and the time is right for Shakespeare (in the streets?)

I love summer. Shakespeare blooms all over town (state, country, world).

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Media Thursday: a change in direction…

Ohayo, Bardophile-san!

[feelin’ my half-Japanese roots today, I s’pose]

It’s Thursday, so it’s “Media Day”… and I don’t have a piece of Shakespeare-related media to review–though I did catch bits and pieces of the 1936 film with Norma Shearer and Leslie Howard…and wow… it’s a little off-putting to a 34 year-old Shearer playing the not-quite 14 year-old Juliet, and damned disturbing to see a 43 year-old Howard as Romeo (though it was a little better than John Barrymore’s 54 [but trying to be 24]) year-old Mercutio [note: Branagh’s recent stage version had Derek Jacobi as Mercutio, but that age difference was played for subtext]. From what I saw, Basil Rathbone’s Tybalt was ok…but let’s just say it hasn’t aged well.

ANYwhooo… what we’re really about today…

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Welcome to my nightmare…

OK, so you know I’ve been working on my Nightmare Engine, or whatever I’m calling it today (I can’t settle on a moniker yet). And last weekend, I built a stand for it…

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