A short and sweet update

Working on ANDRONICUS sounds. Working props. No rehearsal this week.

That is all.

Sorry… just really tired. And I think the lack of a show to act in is getting to me… maybe I’ll explain one day. Or maybe I won’t and just post some pictures and sound clips next week.

We’re back. Again.

Here we are, my friends. Back in the saddle, so to speak.

Amazing what a worldwide pandemic can do.

Needless to say, it’s been a little weird.

As I’m now suffering from a case of strep throat, I’m too tired to go too far today. But suffice to say: time to chronicle a new project.

And a bloody good one.

More to come…

A big-time announcement

OK, so many of you know I’m playing Sir Walter Blunt and the Archbishop of York in Archway Theatre Company’s upcoming production of Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2. What you probably do know know–hell, I didn’t even know it until Saturday–is that our venue has changed.

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Guest Contributor: Who is the Most Instagrammed Writer of All Time?

[NOTE: Today we present a piece we solicited from one of our readers, Rebecca Armstrong…]

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Victorian Illustrated Shakespeare Archive

Late last week, I found the Victorian Illustrated Shakespeare Archive, a website that has digital versions of illustrations from editions of Shakespeare’s plays during the Victorian era. Curated by Michael John Goodman, a professor at Cardiff University, it is a treasure trove of cool stuff.

As you can guess, I have found some cool As You Like It-related illustrations, my favorite being

As You Like It Act I Header
Illustrator: Kenny Meadows
Engraver: John Orrin Smith

Of course, that’s my favorite, as it corresponds well with the set…

Oh, I dig this… and this may be a harbinger for the future

So, found this really cool article from UK’s The Guardian

All the women players: cross-gender Shakespeare – in pictures

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I live in Ventura County. And the past week here has been challenging.

Between a mass shooting and a pair of intensely damaging wildfires, my county has been hit hard.

I am lucky, so very lucky. I was personally untouched by both. Friends and friends of friends not so much.

I’m not a religious person, so I won’t say my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected (and that phrase, quite frankly, has lost so much of its sincerity and power in recent years that I would be wary of using it anyway), but those folks are most definitely in my thoughts.

As–because of yesterday’s (and today’s observed) Veterans Day–is my late father.

I miss him and my mother. What is it like to have strength? Real strength? I wish I knew.

Instead, I can only take solace in knowing that I’m lucky. Blessed.

Outside the wind is howling, and the flames I’m sure are rising up again.

Be strong. Stay strong.