Richard II… “LIVE!”

OK, so occasionally, I get mail. I mean real contact through this site (as opposed to the near daily spam of folks trying to sell me on CBD, raise my Google ranking, or just send me really suspicious links). No, I mean Shakespeare Stuff.

And ladies and gents, this is one of those days.

The folks at 60 Hour Shakespeare will perform Richard II in association with Acting For Others to raise money for theatre workers affected by COVID-19. This will happen on Monday, August 31… I know, I know… sorry for the late notice.

According to their press release,

This Monday, 60 Hour Shakespeare invites the audience through the looking-glass, to this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England, where the Plantagenet King, Richard II, sits upon the ground and asks this sceptre’d isle to yield stinging nettles to his enemies. The King has returned from Ireland to find the formerly banished Henry Bolingbroke has an ally, the Duke of York, in his rebellion against the crown. The King had seized Bolingbroke’s inheritance to fund the Irish war and is deposed and imprisoned in Pomfret Castle, but a plot is hatched to restore him to the throne.

Talking about the performance, Gavin Leigh, Director said: “60 Hour Shakespeare is proud to support theatre workers with our production of Richard II. Despite the Government’s pledged support for the arts, the theatre industry is made up of many freelance workers, who may not work in the industry again without your help. Following on from our first ever performance online, 60 Hour Shakespeare will be streaming live from six different time zones around the world. Richard II is set in 1399 and the production design moves away from the virtual backgrounds of Zoom, to a different way of staging an online performance, using lighting to create a cinematic production. Richard II is a history play and a tragedy, characterised by the psychological drama surrounding the deposition of King Richard II, who became King at the age of 10, and died in mysterious circumstances. The show will have a running time of 150 minutes. Shakespeare wrote some scenes of a violent nature, so parental guidance is advised.”

The performance is free to attend, and stream details will be sent prior to the show via email. Please register and help raise money for theatre workers with 60 Hour Shakespeare and Acting For Others.

To Donate please visit

To book your virtual seat please go to Eventbrite:

Check it out!

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