Crazy week alert

Henry IV opens Friday (technically Saturday, as Friday will be a special “preview” performance).

Then Saturday we have the Andronicus table-read.

Don’t expect too much from me, blog-wise this week, people…

A big-time announcement

OK, so many of you know I’m playing Sir Walter Blunt and the Archbishop of York in Archway Theatre Company’s upcoming production of Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2. What you probably do know know–hell, I didn’t even know it until Saturday–is that our venue has changed.

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Andronicus: the power of discussion

As I’ve mentioned, I doled out the roles for the table-read of Andronicus, and I’ve begun to have discussions with some of the actors regarding character.

God, I love these talks.

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Andronicus roles assigned

For the past two weeks, I’ve had a Google form live, accepting reservations for participating in the Andronicus table-read June 8, and taking role requests. After closing the registration one day early (because I already had more readers than roles–even after I separated out those roles that in a full production would have been combined under the same performer), I was able to juggle their weighted requests (they could chose up to five roles, ranking them 1-5) and come up with actor/role combinations.

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Plays, plays, plays

OK, so many of you know I’ll be holding a table-read of my cutting (pun intended) of Titus Andronicus, for a primarily female cast (only Aaron will be a male performer). But in the back of my head, I’m creating a kind of bucket list of other plays I’d like to direct…

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As I Like It (not)

So, a week ago, I attended a cinema screening of the recent Royal Shakespeare Company production of As You Like It. I went with some alums of my AYL, my producer Laura, and cast members Chris and Ashley.

It was all right.

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