A Change in Plans?

Writing yesterday’s installment got me to thinking.

I miss the reading of the plays.

I miss the teaching of the plays.

But the think I think I miss the most is the discussion of the plays… the free and spirited exchange of ideas.
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OK, so what are we starting here…

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Let’s read every play–from the earliest, The Comedy of Errors, to the last, The Tempest–one per month.  Thirty-six plays, three years, ending with one of my favorites around the time of my son Kyle’s high school graduation (“Our revels now are ended,” indeed).
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And So We Begin…

OK, so I saw the Julie &Julia trailer a couple of weeks back.

And I put together a presentation on Romeo and Juliet for Kyle’s class around the same time.

Never presented, but have some stuff to share.

What if I tackled every play in the canon? I’ve read quite a few, but not all… it might give me an intellectual (as well as compositional) workout.

Let’s see where this takes us…