Podcast 03: The Comedy of Errors Overview

This week’s podcast includes a plot synopsis of The Comedy of Errors, an announcement concerning the opening of a Bill / Shakespeare Project store, a request for upcoming blog and podcast topics, and a review of the Shakespeare Behind Bars DVD.
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Can a Brother Get a Little UNITY up in this Play?

OK, time to break out the concept of Aristotelian unities of action, place, and time, or at least when people assume to be Aristotle’s views on the unities.
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What’s in a name: that which we call a Porpentine by any other name would smell as musky…

Some quick hits on names in the play:
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Flash-Forward to the Future

Hola, amigos…

I’m in the process of doing the deep-digging reading, and I’ve found one section I definitely want to discuss:

Act Two, Scene Two, following the entrance of Adriana and Luciana (around line 108).
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Need a tee-shirt to adorn your body?

As you may have noticed (or not, it IS at the bottom of the side navigation bar), we’ve opened a Bill / Shakespeare Project store at CafePress.com.

thumbnail of BSP t-shirt
thumbnail of BSP t-shirt

Currently, we have three styles:

  • “Shakespeare sucketh not” on the front/schedule and URL on the back
  • URL on the front
  • project name on front/schedule and URL on back

We also have hoodies, bags, journals and clocks.

ALL items are at cost (we make no money… we just want to spread the word!)

Show your Bard-a-phile status and pimp the site!

Don’t Forget to Vote

… for your favorite play… there’s a survey in the side navigation bar just below the jump-link to our Facebook page…

As of right now, Macbeth is in the lead with a whopping two of seven votes, followed closely (duh) by Hamlet, Henry V, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, and The Taming of the Shrew.

I’ll keep the survey up at least for the month of July… if you’ve got ideas for the next survey, post a comment!

Act Five: Hey, Abbott (er, make that Abbess)!

Act Five’s single scene brings all together.  The scene begins with Angelo and his creditor discussing the situation again.  AS and DS arrive, and after some confusion, the creditor draws his sword to arrest then and get the money owed to him.  AS and DS escape to sanctuary in the Priory (Abbey).  The Abbess comes out to see what is going on, and she questions the newly arrived Adriana on the social aspects of AS’s state… her initial finding is that Adriana is to blame: “The venom clamors of a jealous woman / Poisons more deadly than a mad dog’s tooth” (V.i.69-70), but she exits to tend to his madness with “wholesome syrups, drugs and holy prayers” (V.i.104).  Upon her exit, the Duke arrives with Egeon to oversee the Syracusian merchant’s execution.
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Check out: Shakespeare Behind Bars

If you do Netflix (or if your DVD rental vendor of choice has a good selection of independent docs), do yourself a GREAT favor and check out Shakespeare Behind Bars, a documentary made back in ’05 about a volunteer theatre project at a Kentucky prison.

Thanks go out to BSP commenter Mashaw for pointing me in the direction of this film (her friend Shana was the directory of photography for the piece).

Check out their website.

It’s great stuff…