AYL: the first full run-through

Saturday was our first full run-through of As You Like It. We had done scenes before. We had done acts before, but before Saturday we had never done the show start-to-finish and uninterrupted (producer Laura sat next to me to make sure I kept my nose out of the actors’ business).

And the verdict?

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AYL: something a little different.

So we’re heading into the home stretch of As You Like It rehearsals. It’s an interesting time. Off-book. Until tonight, however, they could still call for “LINE!” Performances begin to settle into a groove.

Settle. Not a good verb in my opinion.

A groove? Could easily turn into a rut…

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Sorry. No “This Week in Shakespeare” this week… took Jack back up to SJSU this weekend, plus As You Like It rehearsals, plus I need to meet with a director today regarding a project I was just cast in (details coming soon).

So. No. Not this week.

Guest Contributor: Who is the Most Instagrammed Writer of All Time?

[NOTE: Today we present a piece we solicited from one of our readers, Rebecca Armstrong…]

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AYL: off-book

We are now in the “off-book” section of the rehearsal process for As You Like It. No more scripts in hand; lines are supposed to be memorized.

Supposed to be…

At this point in the process, if an actor blanks on the line, they can still call out “LINE!” and they will be fed the line. And I’m good with it as long as they stay in character and emotion when the call for it (none of this, “oh, sh!t…I knew this… god, what was it? oh, line!”).

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Victorian Illustrated Shakespeare Archive

Late last week, I found the Victorian Illustrated Shakespeare Archive, a website that has digital versions of illustrations from editions of Shakespeare’s plays during the Victorian era. Curated by Michael John Goodman, a professor at Cardiff University, it is a treasure trove of cool stuff.

As you can guess, I have found some cool As You Like It-related illustrations, my favorite being

As You Like It Act I Header
Illustrator: Kenny Meadows
Engraver: John Orrin Smith

Of course, that’s my favorite, as it corresponds well with the set…