Sorry for my… absence.

Between writing my thesis, rehearsing my new play, and–oh, yeah–dropping my youngest off at San Jose State, it’s been a crazy week. And it’s not letting up for the next few days.

So belated apologies for no entries since last week’s “This Week in Shakespeare” … AND preemptive apologies for no “This Week in Shakespeare” THIS WEEK (Sorry, Bill–you know who you are–but you’ll have to wait until next week to see me sporting your Shakespeare t-shirt on the video).

I’m hoping to be back in the groove of things by Friday… but who knows. Wish me luck. Knock on wood. Send good vibes. Give me memory boosts for getting off-book. And stretch the days to at least 30 hours per, so I can get the “sh!tty” first draft of the thesis done!

Media Thursday: previewing next week

No real media today… but here’s a preview of what I’ll be catching (live) next week…

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Theater Review: The Two Noble Kinsmen by Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival

Back from Mexico (with gastro issues–hopefully–in my rear view mirror), I headed out to California Lutheran University Saturday night to check out The Two Noble Kinsmen by Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival.

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Happy belated Independence Day… and a quick message

Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!

Heading to a family vacation, so entries will be few in number and short’n’sweet in length…

See you on the other side!