The Winter’s Tale — authorship

The authorship question for The Winter’s Tale is pretty much a slam-dunk. It’s Shakespeare, through and through.

What’s interesting (at least to me) is the sub-question of order…

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Friday Film Focus: The Winter’s Tale YouTube update

It’s July and a Friday, which means a new summer blockbuster is being released. A new Spiderman. Excuse me while I yawn. To ditch the boredom, I’ve updated the Bill / Shakespeare Project YouTube channel to include a playlist for The Winter’s Tale

The playlist includes:

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The Winter’s Tale – Act One plot synopsis: twin lambs torn asunder

The Winter’s Tale begins in the court of King Leontes of Sicilia, as Camillo and Archidamus, lords from Sicilia and Bohemia, respectively, bring us–the audience–up to date. Think the two numbered gentlemen at the beginning of Cymbeline, or Kent and Gloucester in King Lear. Archidamus urges Camillo to visit Bohemia, where he’d find a “great difference” (I.i.3) from Sicilia, and Camillo says this may happen “this coming summer” (I.i.5) when the Sicilian king repays the Bohemian king for his kindness in his current visit to Sicilia.

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The Winter’s Tale: sources

The title of this entry is mostly a misnomer. We’re not talking sources in regards to The Winter’s Tale, but source. Singular. There are a few elements that seem to have been influenced by other works, but they feel more like shouts-out or intertexts rather than stolen properties.
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Can you believe it?

A new month, another play: The Winter’s Tale.

This is our penultimate play (though, realistically speaking, it’s not… when this is all said and [not] done, I’m going to hit up some of the “other” works…but not until I’ve done the poetry).

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Live Cinema Broadcast Review: The Winter’s Tale by the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company

Earlier this week, I had a chance to catch the cinema broadcast of the London production of The Winter’s Tale, from the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company, starring Kenneth Branagh, and directed by Rob Ashford and–you guessed it–Kenneth Branagh. I’m not sure if he took the tickets and showed the live audience to their seats or not.

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Upcoming: Sweet Tea Shakespeare and The Winter’s Tale

Just want to give a little shout-out to our friends at the Shakespeare Standard, whose Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Fiebig, is Artistic Director of Sweet Tea Shakespeare in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare will be presenting The Winter’s Tale later this month at the Capitol Encore Academy.

They open this weekend, so… Break a leg!