Blessings and Curses

For those who have read this blog for the last year, you probably know that I lost my job in late January.  Up till that point, I had worked from home and had time to do the blog.

While I wasn’t bringing in a regular paycheck, it did free me up to put more time into this blog (and the novel, of course). Long story short: I started up a new job last week… I knew it was coming and I had front-loaded some entries.

I know, wah wah, poor poor pitiful me.

But those entries have come and gone… and I’m back to a day by day blogging cycle… and the commute to my new job is killing the 1 to 1.5 hours a day I usually put into the blog (and writing the new novel has gone completely to hell)…

Not looking for pity, just wanted to let you know why some blog entries will be short or non-existent (until I get used to the commute or begin to work some days from home–a real possibility).

Thanks for your patience.

Back from Ashland!

The title says it all… saw five plays over four days (three, if you throw out the dark Monday)… three Shakespeare, one Shakespeare-based, and one not even close…

Reviews are coming via podcast… probably on Sunday, August 29…

It’s great to be back!