Act One, Scene Four

When we last left off in Act One, Scene Three, of The First Part of Henry the Sixth, the Dauphin had given the defense of Orleans to the newly arrived Joan la Pucelle (Joan of Arc).
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Act One, Scenes One – Three (of eight)

The first scene of The First Part of Henry the Sixth has a “take notice” beginning: A funeral march for Henry V, with John, Duke of Bedford, Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, the Duke of Exeter, the Earl of Warwick, the Bishop of Winchester and the Duke of Somerset.  Now, I’m working on a family tree/genealogy, but suffice to say, these men are interrelated:
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Long Live King Henry

October first… fall is in the air (except here in SoCal, where Santa Anas are kicking the temps way up… oh, wait, that IS fall in SoCal… never mind)… and Petruchio’s reign that began so “politicly” last month is over…

at least for the next three months, as we read the three “parts” … plays with him in the title

Long live King Henry the Sixth!

There’s much to look forward to: the beginning of the War of the Roses, Joan la Pucelle, Talbot and his son…

OK, so that’s not “much”… In fact, I have fears that this month (and the two that follow) may be some tough sledding… I’ve looked over the first couple of scenes, and it’s… well, sloooooow.  And as I’m leaving for a conference in a couple of days, I can’t promise that I’ll have daily synopses, by act.  I’ll post daily, but I can’t promise that you’ll have the play in your pocket by the sixth of the month (hmmmm, six… Sixth… hmmmmm).

I’m going to try to keep the approach the same as always, but this month, there may be some extra non-textual stuff… we may need some historical primers.

OK, rambling over… back to reading… The First Part of Henry the Sixth