Day late, dollar short…

OK, so as the more ravenous readers might know… I’ve been thinking of some possible directorial productions lately.

There are times when the iron is hot, and then…

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So, sometimes there are scenes that make you wonder just how you stage something. You know, like Jupiter in Cymbeline. That’s a big one, an obvious one.

How about something more subtle?

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Cymbeline production questions, part two

A long time ago (OK, it was only three weeks)…I wrote about Cymbeline and the question of casting. As in, “How do you cut the casting requirements from the 40 in the play, to something more manageable?” It was more rhetorical than anything, going off on tangents that took us to experimental 6-actor casts for both Shakespeare’s Globe and Fiasco Theater.

Here’s a different, but related question.

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Cymbeline production questions, part one

With this play, I’m trying to look at Cymbeline from a more production/dramaturgical angle. Where can we double roles? Where can we cast more women?

And in this play, that’s saying something.

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