AYL: a break

OK, so yesterday, I talked about getting through a first pass of the text, and seeing the need for re-sequencing of scenes to assist in cast-size reduction. And I had hinted at a discussion of the placement of intermission for this upcoming production of As You Like It.

After the jump are some pretty intensive spoilers, so if you want to come to the play without knowing where I’m thinking of taking it… do not read on.

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AYL: diversity

On Friday, I discussed some of my pre-production text work on As You Like It, and how it is leading me toward casting–or at least role-creation–decisions. Characters being paired or grouped together so that they may be played by the same actor. This helps limit the size of the cast without cutting characters.

I had mentioned that I already had a tentative list of character roles but I demurred on releasing that list until I talked about something else.

And that something else is diversity.

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AYL: double, double, toil, and … well, work, really

As You Like It has 27 characters. That’s way too many, at least for community theater. Logistically, it would be… well, let’s just say, difficult. Costuming. Dressing rooms. Production costs through the roof.

So, how to solve this problem?
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A new (blog?) direction…

OK, so Monday, I ran the announcement by Camarillo Skyway Playhouse that I would be directing As You Like It in the new year.

Needless to say, I am very, very excited.

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