The Bill / Shakespeare Project presents: This Week in Shakespeare news [VIDEO], for the week ending Monday, February 18th, 2019


This week’s video Shakespeare news review includes a whole bunch of Richard reviews. PLUS our usual recap of this week’s daily highlights in Shakespearean history is pre-empted by an announcement.

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AYL: we open tonight!

After a brutal sick (I’m writing this from bed) and hectic tech week (we lost a lighting designer and an assistant stage manager on Monday), the big day–er, night–is finally here.

We open tonight.

And a I cannot wait to get this show in front of an audience.

More debriefing next week…

AYL: prizes

So, Camarillo Skyway Playhouse likes to do a drawing that lasts the run of a given show. It’s a way of building interest in the show, and a way of raising some funds. But what to do for As You Like It?

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AYL: one week from tonight!

As You Like It opens one week from tonight at the Camarillo Skyway Playhouse… come enjoy the fights and reunions, songs and dances, laughs and tears, and LOVE of Shakespeare’s classic pastoral comedy, all with an 80s vibe… I am tremendously proud of what this cast and crew have created and cannot wait to have you all see it!

Tickets on sale now through Brown Paper Tickets!

AYL: and that is how it’s done

Remember yesterday when I recounted Monday’s horrible As You Like It rehearsal?

Remember how I said that actually bodes well?


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AYL: well, thank goodness, that’s out of the way

I have this theory: if you don’t have at least one horrible, stinky, so disastrous that it borders on apocalyptic, rehearsal, then you are in real danger of having a horrible opening night or–heavens forbid–entire run.

Well, if my theory has any validity, then As You Like It is gonna be A-OK…

I say this because Monday’s night rehearsal was bad. I mean really bad.

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AYL: the first full run-through

Saturday was our first full run-through of As You Like It. We had done scenes before. We had done acts before, but before Saturday we had never done the show start-to-finish and uninterrupted (producer Laura sat next to me to make sure I kept my nose out of the actors’ business).

And the verdict?

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