A lil’ video for your Friday…

Well, we’re now just over a week away from auditions for As You Like It… and as a promo, I put together a little teaser:

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AYL: dramaturgical readings and a quasi-manifesto

OK, so in my preparation for doing As You Like It in the winter time, I’ve been doing some reading on past productions… you know, as a kind of dramaturgical due diligence.

And I’m finding some pretty good stuff…

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AYL: audition sides

Now following our exciting As You Like It news from earlier in the week (run dates and audition dates), I now have even more cool stuff to share… Casting breakdowns and audition sides!

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AYL: auditions and a tentative text

EXCITING NEWS: we now have official run dates for As You Like It: February 8-March 10, 2019… Friday and Saturday evening, and Sunday matinee performances (though we may swap out a Sunday performance to add a Thursday show so that actors from other shows can check it out. Also hoping to do a school-day show for students (but that’s another story).


Sunday and Monday, October 21 and 22, from 7-10pm at the Camarillo Skyway Playhouse… with call-backs on Wednesday, October 24.

But wait, there’s more…

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AYL: character / rehearsal grid

So, before we have a cast for As You Like It, I need to have my metaphorical ducks in a row. There’s a lot of moving parts here. I’ve got 27 roles, 14 actors, and only a limited number of rehearsals to get them ready. (How many rehearsals? you ask… good freakin’ question… without an official announcement of run dates, we can’t set audition dates; without audition dates, we can’t set a rehearsal schedule… but that’s a frustration for a different day’s discussion… hopefully never to be mentioned again…)

One of the things we always ask during the audition process, is what scheduling conflicts does the actor have–what days will be missed. With this information, we can create a rehearsal schedule that maximizes people’s time.

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AYL: Thank goodness for producers

So, as a director for Camarillo Skyway Playhouse, I needed to find a producer to help me put on As You Like It…someone to handle all of the business/logistical aspects. Now some might read that as all the “non-creative” things, but those are air-quotes there, buddy, because she helps find the lighting designer/operations person, the sound designer/opps, costumer, set designer and construction lead, plus choreographer, fight captain, and…most importantly, stage manager.

In other words, everything that would keep me up at night.

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Media Thursday: an As You Like It throwback Thursday

As my text work for As You Like It winds down, I’ve now begun more dramaturgical matters, researching the performance history of the play and seeing what insights I can glean from past directors.

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AYL: I do not desire you to please me; I do desire you to sing…

#preproduction spoilers ahead…

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