CAP: playing catch-up from earlier in the week

So, a week, no CAP entries… it’s not like work hasn’t continued, just life got in the way. We got to take Jack up to San Jose for college orientation, so publishing got pushed off to the side…

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CAP: abandonment and an update

OK, so last night, I couldn’t sleep. Well, I could, but then I couldn’t…stomach still flippy-floppy, and mind still whirring from thinking of the essay.

After putting the laptop away after last night’s late-night update, I just sat and thought.

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CAP: consultation

Just got off the phone with my professor/thesis adviser, Dr. Harrison.

Very exciting (despite the fact that I’m now exhausted…more on that in a minute).
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CAP: dramaturgy

OK, last week, I talked a little about the brainstorming I’ve been doing re: possible thesis topics. And of course Shakespeare is in the forefront.

Yesterday, I was focusing on the concept of present (as opposed to absent) mothers, particularly in the Roman plays.

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CAP: brainstorm sketch

So reading the introductory materials in prepping for the Master’s Thesis, the suggestion was to create mind-maps, one for me, and one for a passion…

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so…what’s all this “cap” cr@p?

Greetings from Cancun!

This is a vacation, but let’s face facts…there’s never a vacation.

The current Master’s Program term ends on Sunday, which means the Capstone begins a week and half from now. Been reading the announcements and pre-briefing materials (as well as perusing the Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day course text), figure I’ll go along with the recommendation of keeping an online journal of the process.

Considered keeping this on a separate blog, but I’m not sure I’ll be organized enough to keep both going.

So here’s the plan:

I’m going to keep the online journal here. Every post I make that pertains to the capstone will have a title that begins “CAP: ” … like “CAP: brainstorm sketch” (guess what will be the first one). For those of you who want to follow along, read it. For those of you who don’t want to (and, you know, keep it 100% Willy Shakes), skip it.

Don’t worry, there will be more Shakespeare entries… but you know… after the “vacation.”