CAP: release

Great conversation with my capstone adviser yesterday.

I had been concerned with my progress. The introduction was fine, but as I was getting into writing what I’m calling my “baselining” sections, background information on Rome and the literary theory frameworks that form the foundation of my work, I was getting bogged down…

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CAP: a great phone call and a green light

In the midst of reading through secondary sources… I’ve still got 40+ to read on my iPad. But in the midst off all this, I got a phone call from my capstone adviser…

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CAP: research and more research

OK. First, dirty, rough, really lousy (i.e. perfect) draft of the prospectus in the books. So to speak.

Now it’s all about the research, reading secondary source after secondary source, pulling ideas and quotes I can use…. well, that and reading the prospectuses of two of my classmates so I can respond to them.

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CAP: playing catch-up from earlier in the week

So, a week, no CAP entries… it’s not like work hasn’t continued, just life got in the way. We got to take Jack up to San Jose for college orientation, so publishing got pushed off to the side…

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