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Lordy Lord Bawdy Bawd

It’s that time again, our monthly sophomoric drive into Bawdy-Town, our periodic thrusting into that warm, runny center of linguistic gooey goodness that is the naughty bits of (for this month, at least) The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

So here’s the usual warning: if you are easily (or not so easily) offended, stop reading now and proceed to tomorrow’s entry (these are not the excerpts you’re looking for…).
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Podcast 33: Love’s Labor’s Lost–Bawdy Bawdy Bawdy (The RESTRICTED “greasy lipped” Episode)

This week’s podcast is a continuation of our month-long discussion of Love’s Labor’s Lost, focusing on the bawdy humor in the play.

NOTE: This podcast contains mature subject matter and adult language (as well as adolescent humor and naughty bits, lots of naughty bits)… SO, if you’re easily offended, you might want to skip this one and wait until next week’s podcast, a return to safe-and-sane discussions.

Then we’ll finish up with our usual recap of this week’s blog entries.
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A Trip to Bawdy on the Soul Train

Every month, I delve a little deeper into my sophomore boy-mind, and pull out the bawdy stuff from the play of the month, usually focusing on a particular scene or character.

This month, with The Second Part of Henry the Sixth, I’m going to approach it a little differently.  I want to start off with a quick catalog of the “naughty bits” then pull them together for a more generalized statement about the use of bawdiness in the play.
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Bawdy, Body, Who’s got the Bawdy?

Back in my first experience with Shakespeare, I was lucky enough to have as my guide, Bill Lindquist, a fearless teacher who was more than willing to go that extra unexpurgated mile for us students and show the bawdiness behind the Bard.  So if last month’s play came down on the bloody side of the “sex and violence” equation, then The Taming of the Shrew definitely falls (or maybe that’s “stands up”) under the sticky sweet side.
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