AYL: back from break…

So it’s been almost two weeks since the last rehearsal…

Hope my actors have had a great break. I’ve been getting a little work done…

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AYL: rehearsal = magic

I’ve always loved rehearsal. It’s a place where the magic happens. Don’t get me wrong: performance is great…it’s the payoff, when you get to see how all of that hard work has created something for the audience, and that’s special, too. But rehearsal? There is just something magical–a kind of alchemy–that happens between a group of actors when you’re in the act of discovery.

As You Like It is no different.

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AYL: choreography, part one

Last Saturday, our Phoebe and choreographer, Ashley worked with some of our cast on the first of our “production numbers” for As You Like It.

SPOILERS follow…

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AYL: oh, deer…

So, in As You Like It, there are quite a few props, including but not limited to: Rosalind’s necklace that she gives to Orlando, multiple poems, a letter, a sling, and–if you care to stage it–a dead deer.

And–oh–we plan to stage it.

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No “This Week” this week…

Crazy weeks… today I’m up in San Jose, picking up Jack from school and next week is Christmas, and the following week is New Years… so I’m thinking the next “This Week in Shakespeare” will be in 2019…

Enjoy time with your loved ones!

AYL: making more adjustments…

Friday, I discussed some issues in As You Like It‘s text that don’t necessarily translate to the production’s 80s setting. Today, I want to talk about issues that come from your actors…

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AYL: making adjustments

So. As You Like It. In the 80s.

The reasons–in my head–were straightforward enough: I wanted bloodless usurpations; so think corporate take-overs. I wanted a visual shorthand that would allow audiences to quickly understand who these characters were; 80s archetypes and stereotypical fashions and costuming can do the trick. And of course, I want music (we begin choreographing our first big production number tomorrow…too excited).

But not all things translate. And sometimes actors throw you curve balls.

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AYL: surround yourself with good people

This stint of directing As You Like It reaffirms many long-held notions and philosophies.

Now, one might think that the title of this piece should probably read “surround yourself with talented people,” but you’d be wrong.

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