Well, nothing was going to remain at stasis forever.

And so it is with Andronicus.

Our cast is changed.

Due to our change from May to September, the starting of new academic cycles, near-centennial out-of-state birthday parties, and the regrowth of uncertainty from the pandemic, we lost an ensemble member and a major role, and we needed to understudy three additional roles.

Last night was the first table-read with the “newer” cast.

And I loved it.

This show will go on, even if it means:

  • houses at 25% capacity (meaning whopping dozen as our capacity);
  • video recording the first 3 or 4 live performances to edit together to stream online (for those uncomfortable with attending live theatre), or even…
  • video recording the performance in socially constrained batches of fewer than 10 actors at a time (meaning I’ll need to storyboard EVERYTHING to accomplish this, and the editing with be a holy bitch to do, especially in those scenes with all or nearly all characters on stage [scenes 1, 3, 6, and 16, in particular])

This cast has worked too damned hard and the results are too good for it not to be seen.

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