Weekly Report from the Front…

Been a solid week on the ANDRONICUS front…

Monday was our first optional “get-together” for cast on Zoom… not much of the play discussed, but I found out that many were binge-watching Downton Abbey.

Last night was our biweekly rehearsal… Scene One. I love working with these guys (er, ladies and gentleman). Lots of good character discussion, from Tita’s possible attraction to Tamora to Quintus’ only line in the scene being very important to knowing the dynamic of the Andronici siblings. Jut good stuff.

But most of the week has been spent on weapons and sound.

On the weapons front, I’ve been working on Roman longbows, plus Lucia’s crossbow and spear. To go along with a Goth sickle from earlier work.

Then on the sound front…. well, let’s just say my wife Lisa was VERY disturbed by the sounds emanating from our upstairs bathroom (where I had put my Fender amp)…

So, yeah… a pretty good week on the ANDRO front.

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