Plays, plays, plays

OK, so many of you know I’ll be holding a table-read of my cutting (pun intended) of Titus Andronicus, for a primarily female cast (only Aaron will be a male performer). But in the back of my head, I’m creating a kind of bucket list of other plays I’d like to direct…

I still want to do my border-town modern-day Day-of-the-Dead mariachi infused version of The Comedy of Errors.

I’ve pitched (along with another director) an all female-cast The Taming of the Shrew (he would direct the same cast in Hamlet; and the two shows would run in rep).

I’ve been messing around in my head a quick-as-lightning edit of Cymbeline.

and this weekend, for some reason, I felt this need to add another play to the bucket list…


I don’t know why.

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