Andronicus roles assigned

For the past two weeks, I’ve had a Google form live, accepting reservations for participating in the Andronicus table-read June 8, and taking role requests. After closing the registration one day early (because I already had more readers than roles–even after I separated out those roles that in a full production would have been combined under the same performer), I was able to juggle their weighted requests (they could chose up to five roles, ranking them 1-5) and come up with actor/role combinations.

Yesterday, I send out emails outlining the roles. And the responses I received back were incredibly gratifying. Some people actually wanted to know if they could announce it.


It’s just a table-read, people.

But then another actor said that this is part of the excitement of it. A chance to work with enthusiastic actors on a script they normally wouldn’t get a chance to do in a setting that respects the process…all without a lengthy (or any, really) rehearsal process.

Regardless, I’m just happy this is going to happen.

And it makes me wonder if some of my other “bucket-list” projects might not begin with a similar read… maybe a quarterly table-read of a edited Shakespeare script…

The mind reels at the possibilities…

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