Andronicus Character List

Last week, I announced that I have scheduled a table read for my edit/adaptation of Titus Andronicus. Earlier this week, I announced on the Facebook event page a kind of schedule for the upcoming weeks in run-up to the event.

And part of that schedule of upcoming events is a release of the character list/casting needs.

And so today on the event page I posted:

I said earlier in the week I’d be posting a character list and casting needs (not that we’re ready to cast anything yet)…

And so here it is (with, of course, some introductory blathering):

The concept here is to do an (almost-)ALL-FEMALE cast version of the play. The plan is to have every role save for Aaron to be performed by a woman. AARON, in my head, MUST be an African-American male–for any number of reasons (but primarily: 1. the role is specifically written black; 2. I want the character to be the poster-child for alienation, and thus to have an African-American male in what will probably be an otherwise pretty beige female cast will highlight the outsider status of the character).

This does not negate, however, the portrayal of some characters as male; there are some roles that really need to be male. Most roles can be portrayed as any gender.

That being said, here’s what I see for the characters: [the link takes you to a PDF…]

And here it is

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