And another play is done…

Part of the hiatus I took over the last couple of months was due to my acting in The Crucible. It was a wonderful experience.

While I had auditioned for the roles of Proctor and Hale, I was ultimately cast as Parris. After being in plays pretty much non-stop since last summer, and following the exhaustion of directing As You Like It, I had made a promise to myself that if I didn’t get Proctor or Hale I would pass on the play. But as it was directed by some one I that I think is just a great director, and its cast had a few folks in it that I had never worked with (and wanted to desperately because of their earlier work and/or reputation), I broke that promise to myself and took the role.

And I’m happy I did. It’s a great role, with a wonderful arc, moving from scared in Act One, Scene One, to arrogant, angry, spiteful, then doubtful in Act Two, Scene Two, to finally broken in the last scene of the play.

Exhausted now.

But no rest for the wicked… I’ve got a student film shoot today, and then it’s on to Henry IV!

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