AYL: well, thank goodness, that’s out of the way

I have this theory: if you don’t have at least one horrible, stinky, so disastrous that it borders on apocalyptic, rehearsal, then you are in real danger of having a horrible opening night or–heavens forbid–entire run.

Well, if my theory has any validity, then As You Like It is gonna be A-OK…

I say this because Monday’s night rehearsal was bad. I mean really bad.

I mean epic-ly bad. Or as I described it to the cast: it was apathetic, lethargic, and reeking of what I can only call half-@ss-ery. And because of it, scenes had no pop, speeches stretched, and the whole damn thing had no life.

damning evidence from the iPad’s rehearsal notes…
“lack-luster” … yeah, that fit the run-through…

Of course, it might not have been ALL their fault. It was kind of a perfect storm of possible reasons. First, it was a Monday. Seriously, not a back-to-back day of rehearsal can make a difference. Second, we had a television reporter taping an interview with one of our actors–and an official of the theater–and I’ve known actors who could be thrown off by any unfamiliar face in the house during a rehearsal. And finally, we painted the stage over the weekend. And that changes the ballpark (if not the ballgame) a little.

Regardless, it was bad. But it’s over.

As I told the cast, it’s good to have the “bad one” in the rear-view mirror. And we’ll never speak of it again.

So the future looks bright (just wait for tomorrow’s post!), and the run will be awesome.


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