AYL: let the countdown begin…

As You Like It opens four weeks from tonight.

Let me let that sink in. Four weeks.

I have cast and crew members thinking we’re not ready.

It’s four weeks. We’re not supposed to be ready. We’re supposed to be working, maybe even worrying. But we’re a DJ booth, stump touch-ups, and a stage painting away from being completely done with the set (I’ve had set changes going into tech week). The costume plot is done and the vast majority of the pieces are in place (I’ve had costume replacements after opening night). The songs are getting better; rehearsal last night was wonderful (I was never really satisfied with my playing on “That Ol’ Black Magic” during Bus Stop). The dances are exactly where I want to be four weeks out: steps are learned, with character and enthusiasm to come as those steps become second nature. Music cues are ready to be tested against live actors.

The only things still up in the air are lighting (but our lighting designer will be at rehearsal tomorrow), and learning of the lines… we’re not off book, which IS a bit disappointing, but I’m sure the cast will come through next week. Of course, they will. Right? Right.

Almost nightly we’re coming up with ideas or revelations about character or the play or the staging. And I’m loving sitting around talking to the actors after rehearsal… but as they will learn, I pretty much can be summed up with the opening lyrics of Elvis Costello’s song “Oliver’s Army”

Don’t start me talking.

I could talk all night.

Yes, I can, so no, you probably shouldn’t.

…and for your workweek-ending listening pleasure, the man himself:

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