AYL: getting the band together…

So last night was our first “band” rehearsal for As You Like It.

Beyond the two musical/lipsync dance numbers, our production is filled with live music as well.

“Under the Greenwood Tree” and “Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind” in the first act, and “The Lusty Horn” and “A Lover and his Lass” in the second act.

And while we’ve gotten the rights for “Blow” from Michael Hahn, the other three have been a group effort, with my coming up with some basic chord changes, and our Amiens, Eric, coming up with the melody. And last night we had our first rehearsal…

As You Like It band practice...
As You Like It band practice…

Remember that our Audrey, Stephanie, is going to be playing bass… I want music and the band to be a metaphor for community in the forest. By Audrey joining Duke Senior’s band, they have become part of the forest community…and then to have Anna (Adam, played by Chris A) to join them, shows their integration of outsiders into their group.

Senior's Second Lord (Chris C.), Anna (Chris A.), Senior's First Lord (Eric M.), Amiens (Eric U.) and Audrey (Stephanie)... Duke Senior's merry band
Senior’s Second Lord (Chris C.), Anna (Chris A.), Senior’s First Lord (Eric M.), Amiens (Eric U.) and Audrey (Stephanie)… Duke Senior’s merry band

It was a great first rehearsal… cannot wait to hear what they sound like by opening night!

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