Was exhausted. Now exhilarated. But still exhausted.

So. Sorry for no post on Monday… I was still recovering from my weekend of filming.

I worked on two student films over the weekend. In the first, C’est Parfait by director Muhasani Kasomo out of USC, I played a racially profiling cop who harasses an African immigrant scientist, on the day of his wife and family’s arrival in America.

Even got to drive an old, hollowed-out patrol car.

After nine hours on that set, I drove another 2.75 hours to get to Ontario (damn, Friday afternoon traffic is baaaaad). I had gotten a hotel for the night–with late check-out–so that I could rest a couple of hours before my second film of the weekend, Playful Blades, by Adham Almallah, about a murder that takes place at an ice skating rink.

I played Detective James, investigator on the case, and also–SPOILER ALERT–the killer. The first day of shooting on that one was 11:30pm to 7:30am in an ice rink (very cold); the second day was 6pm to 1am Saturday into Sunday.

It was #myWeekendOfBadCops

I got home after 2am Sunday morning… still catching up on sleep. So exhausted. But exhilarated.

So much to do today, playing catch-up from last Friday. And this old man is still catching up on sleep…

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