AYL: new focus


It’s early in the morning. I’ve been up for nearly two hours. There’s nothing to be nervous about, and yet my mind is racing.


Oh, I know why.

Yesterday afternoon, my run as the ol’ cowpoke Virgil in Bus Stop ended. It was a successful run, beautifully directed and I was surrounded by some very gifted performers. The experience has been great and challenging. And that had been keeping the wolves of overactive cognition regarding As You Like It at bay. No more.

From concerns of lack of “relevancy” (I know I say I don’t give a rat’s a$$ if traditionalists don’t like the production, but c’mon, we all want to be liked) to worrying if some things outside of my control can come together (yeah, like THAT’s a sign of a healthy mind… I mean that’s the literal road to insanity) to thinking about the freakin’ CURTAIN CALL (fercristsakes, Bill, just go back to bed)… my mind is racing.

Welcome back to directing, Bill…

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