AYL: blocking continues

Just a quick update:

Blocking rehearsals for As You Like It are continuing…

We’re four rehearsals in and, honestly, I couldn’t be happier.

As I mentioned earlier, the Orlando/Anna scenes have good thematic and emotional heft.

The revelation of Orlando as the mystery poet (the scene between Rosalind and Celia) truly is shaping up to be “wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.”

We’re getting some very nice Audrey/Touchstone bits working.

And last night, well, last night we tackled “the speech.” You know the one. The one that half the audience will be waiting for, and the other half going, “So that’s where that phrase comes from!” The fear that I had–and what has sunk most of the productions of the play that I’ve seen–is that the speech becomes just that: a speech. Somehow disconnected from the scene in which it appears. But last night, through discussion and much thought by my Jaques, I think the speech became an integrated and integral part of the scene. It’s early in the process, but I’m thinking we’re going to be OK.

Next week, we get to the meat of Rosalind/Orlando/Celia, “the fight,” and Phoebe.

I cannot wait.

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