AYL: the cast

Tonight is our first table-read for As You Like It.

The first time our cast will meet together, all in the same room, all with their roles as actors, not auditioners.

And what a cast it is:

Rosalind: Ryanna Dunn
Celia: Libby Baumgartner
Phoebe: Ashley Maimes
Touchstone: Jim Byrnes
Orlando: Benjamin Blonigan
Oliver: Kevin Varkey
Second Brother: Cassie Kelso
Amiens/Charles: Eric Umali
Jaques/LeBeau: Scott Blanchard
Duke Senior/Corin: Mary Comstock
Audrey/1st Lord (F): Stephanie Rice
Adam/Oliver Martext/Second Page: Chris Adams
Duke Frederick/Silvius/Second Lord (S): Chris Clyne
Dennis/William/First Lord (S)/First Page/2nd Lord (F): Eric McGowan

My thanks and gratitude to all those who participated in the audition and callback process, from the incredibly talented group of performers to producer Laura Comstock and assistant director Mark Heulitt, volunteers to helped run the welcome table, audition readers who ran the scenes with the actors so that I could focus on the performances one-by-one, and of course my wife Lisa, who sat in on callbacks and was vitally important in making me think in new ways and directions.

I canNOT wait until tonight!

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