AYL: countdown to auditions

Now, just a week away from auditions for As You Like It… can you believe it?

Nervous. What if no one shows? (I know that’s not the case because I’ve seen the appointments that have already been made for audition slots…but I also know not everyone actually shows up…and the VAST majority of the [only ten] auditioners [auditionees?] are–as I suspected–female… do I have an Orlando or Oliver out there???)

Best not to think about THAT, and concentrate on music, set, finalizing the script, making sure auditions are well publicized… you know, the legwork.

2 Replies to “AYL: countdown to auditions”

  1. I hope you get enough men to audition. There could always be Duchesses instead of Dukes. (Maybe? Who knows). In any event, I am excited to audition. Wish I was male. Lol

    1. Already have Duke Senior/Corin combination as “open-gender” role… maternal rather than paternal figures in both cases would work…

      Frederick I’m still leaving as a male… for now.

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