CAP: editing, revision and choices

So. Fifty pages of text, another eleven of bib.

That’s long, too long.

Had a great phone call with my professor. He likes the paper, says it only needs polishing as far as he’s concerned. But…

I should be concerned, he feels, with the paper’s future.

The project’s rubric calls for 25-30 pages because that’s roughly the length of an article in an academic journal. My 61 pages is, well, well beyond that. He basically outlined my choices as four:

  1. Cut half of the content for article publication. Or see if any journals would be willing to print it as a two-part piece (not likely).
  2. Look for books that are calling for chapters for which my project might fit.
  3. Create my own book project and call for chapters to be contributed by others.
  4. Expand (double the size of) my project to monograph length, then shop it to book publishers.

None of which he wants me to do for next week’s submission… just polish.

But the future?

In order of preference, I see pursuing #2, then #1, then #4… #3 seems too likely to end in tears and frustration…

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