Media Thursday: a preview — 15 Men in a Smoke-Filled Room

No review for today, but rather a preview.

I’m now a part of another show. This one is a world premiere of Fifteen Men in a Smoke-Filled Room, by Colin Speer Crowley. The play concerns the 1920 Republican National Convention that nominated Warren G. Harding on what would become his successful run for the presidency (the run was much more successful than the presidency himself, as he died two years into office, amid many scandals revolving around members of his administration).

Thrilled to be a part of this show…coming August 31!

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I play Harry M. Daugherty, Harding’s longtime friend and campaign manager. It’s the biggest role I’ve had, and I’m loving the rehearsal process thus far. Of course, as this is a world premiere, the playwright is flying out from the East Coast for opening night… so that’s a little nerve-wracking (mess up a Shakespeare line, no big deal… dude’s dead… but the playwright seeing his characters and hearing his words in their first production? Yikes.

Anyway, if you’re in the southern California/Ventura County area next month, check us out. We open August 31 and run through September 30, at the Elite Theatre Company in Oxnard.

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