CAP: progress

Had a good couple of days writing. Coriolanus section is done, and I’m closing in on the Julius Caesar section.

I sent what I had after Coriolanus to my writing mentor.  Got some great feedback and advice… She gave me some brilliant ideas about how to streamline and rearrange my intro.

More importantly…

I’m going to finish up the lit sections and the conclusion, then write the shitty frameworks discussion. THEN, I’m going to yank the frameworks and history baselines out of paper, and take individual sentences out and integrate them into the meatier sections of the paper… that should help with the flow.

Her advice is invaluable.

Oh, and she votes for the text table… so later I’ll recreate that in Illustrator to make it nice and neat…

I’d love to get through Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra before leaving for San Jose on Thursday, but … that might be a bit too ambitious (given tomorrow’s This Week in Shakespeare and play rehearsals every night…)

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