CAP: playing catch-up from earlier in the week

So, a week, no CAP entries… it’s not like work hasn’t continued, just life got in the way. We got to take Jack up to San Jose for college orientation, so publishing got pushed off to the side…


Tuesday of the first week of the capstone.

Now back home, with my grubby little paws back on my Code and Quill notebook, which will be the receptacle of note for this project–entries like this one will be transcribed (depending upon time) for the blog.

The first draft of the prospectus is due this week. Really need to start writing that (as much of the back half of the week will be up in San Jose for Jack’s SJSU orientation). Of course, I also need to write my discussion board piece as well… though that’s half written, cursor blinking on the Chromebook as I write this. Got side-tracked printing and cutting and pasting the first few blog entries into this journal. So very easily distracted right now.

Have been doing a boatload (or as Rachel Bloom might phrase it “a f@ckton”) of secondary source reading. Good stuff…though so far, it’s all been on Titus, and not the other three plays…

Later this week:

I’ve read through the Titus Andronicus: Critical Essays book; really good stuff there. In order to make this week’s first draft of the prospectus more balanced in the annotated bib, I’ve also read through three of the “separate” essays/articles, one on each of the other Roman plays.

I’ve also already input my highlighted passages into my “quotes machine” … figure I’ll do that at the end of each reading, as not to fall behind.

Next up in the reading are the intros to the Critical Essays collections for Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra. I’ve already done the one on Coriolanus. There are only three essays that look to be helpful…not sure if that merits $42. Will try to track those down separately.

Right now:

Just finished inputting the first really rough, really bad draft of the prospectus, one that I hand-wrote into the notebook. Haven’t done any extra reading yet, but at least the first draft’s done…

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