CAP: consultation

Just got off the phone with my professor/thesis adviser, Dr. Harrison.

Very exciting (despite the fact that I’m now exhausted…more on that in a minute).

He seems to think that I might have something in a COMBINATION of the two concepts, one (motherhood) leading to the other (gender-switched casting).

Definitely something to think about.

But not right now.

Sunday night I came down with a horrible case of gastric distress. Pain, cramps, exploding downstairs, impending upstairs…so bad that Lisa and the boys had to go to Xcaret without me (good thing, too, as mid-afternoon, eighteen hours after the initial stages, I finally had the “impending” rocket to “exploding” upstairs). Exhausted. Still can’t keep anything in my stomach for more than, say, 30 minutes. So I’m going back to bed.

But much to dream and think about, capstone-wise.

Update (11:46pm)

Can’t sleep. Stomach all flippy-floppy, yet not so bad that I can’t work a little.

Can’t stop thinking of this combined thesis. While I dig it in theory, I can’t wrap my head around how it would be structured and (more importantly) what the damn thesis would sound like). So instead, I’m just thinking of Shakespeare’s mothers…

I was wrong. Too flippy-floppy to work.

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