The soft underbelly of nightmares

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know I’ve been building a nightmare engine, a sound-making machine for cringe-worthy noises.

I’m getting ready for a beta test this weekend, but here’s some videos of inspiration (for me) and stills of what I’ve been doing (I really should have been taking more pics)…

Early on, it was the research phase … lots of YouTube rabbit-holes like:



and, of course…

Then came the design phase…

jotting down ideas
basic layout, very early parts list
an early draft
getting more specific in measurements and electronics
another draft
this is where is started getting serious
a later (last?) draft
no turning back now...

Then early construction, where I drilled holes in and glued together two 1x8s (and did some online shopping)…

early drilling
pre-gluing early drilling
gouged, roughed-up section
cut slats
cut slats and glued together

Then real construction: more drilling, creating a box under it to hide wiring and contact mics, and building the top–including guitar strings and a pickup (and this is where I really should have taken more pics) …

And finally now putting it all together… and here’s the underbelly of the beast…

the underbelly...from "pickup" end
the underbelly...from the end that has the guitar pickup
the guts
the electronic guts of the beast
the underbelly...from "jack" end
the underbelly...from the end that has the "out" jack and the reverb tank

I’m hoping this weekend to finish the wiring, put in the sound-makers and give it a test. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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