Media Thursday (kinda): new (old) plays to read…

So, not really a review for today’s Media Thursday.

Instead, I’ll share two plays I’ll be reading over the summer.

First up, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Tom Stoppard. A classic. Decades since I read it. Lisa and I will be seeing a production of it by A Noise Within in Pasadena in the fall. There’s also a possibility that a local theater will be mounting it next year, so I’ll be on the prowl for a possible role…

Then, Fortinbras. Lee Blessing. Another Hamlet-related play. Another comedy. Not sure who would produce this… I just remember reading it (again, decades ago), and thinking it was a possibility… this was back when I was teaching high school drama… could that be a possibility in the future?

My applications are in; we’ll see what happens.

Regardless, I’ve got some summer reading (if I get the chance, beyond my thesis capstone)…

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