Another idea for a change

The craziness of the host change–and being down for nearly half a month–has given me the opportunity (read: forced me) to think about the future of this blog.

While I may get back to reading and discussing, I’m not sure that’s going to happen immediately.

I’m now (for the first time) taking two Masters Program courses this term. That’s going to make me a little preoccupied. Then we’ll have the capstone beginning in July. Plus, if things work out, I’ll be heading back into the classroom full-time in the fall (my application is in, and hopefully I’ll get hired)…needless to say, THAT will make a difference in my ability to make daily entries.

So, where do I go from here?


I’ve got two productions in my head. The Comedy of Errors and Titus (or rather Andronicus). I’m thinking of documenting my preparation for directing either or both of those (not that I’ve been given the go-ahead or anything…just prepping in my head).


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