Presentations… and then there were two

OK, a news flash from Indianapolis…

This morning, I presented on Westworld/Shakespeare at the Popular Culture Association conference. The presentation went well and my paper was well-received.

If I can find some time (hahahahahahahha), I’ll try to put the slide show, combined with my voice over, together and put it up, along with my paper. Yeah. Sure.

Onto other subjects…

And then in our #BardMadness bracket, there were two:

#1 Romeo and Juliet soundly knocked off #29 The Winter’s Tale, 64% to 36%. And in what I consider to be a major upset, #7 Much Ado About Nothing squeaked by #11 Hamlet, 56% to 46%.

So our championship round will be #1 Romeo and Juliet vs. #7 Much Ado About Nothing… voting begins tomorrow and will last through the weekend, with results announced on Monday, prior to the NCAA Championship game!

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