Media Thursday: Missed Opportunities

OK, we’re Thursday today, and time for our look at media. And I don’t have anything real to review. Sorry.

But that is not even the depth of my sorrow…

For those who follow this blog and the social media pieces of the puzzle closely, I had been looking forward to this past Tuesday, for the new show from Toil and Trouble Burlesque, Sound and Fury. The promo pics and trailers were awesome, and — damnit — someone was going to do Tamora from Titus. I was primed.

I was also sick. Lisa even sicker. So we couldn’t go.

A wonderful happened this morning, though. Angie Hobin, creative producer of Toil and Trouble, messaged me, saying that she saw I had missed the show, and wanted to let me know that they’re going to do an encore. Woohoo!

On March 27. Not woohoo…

I fly out that morning to present my Shakespeare/Westworld paper at the Popular Culture Association conference in Indianapolis.

Damn. But it’s not all a loss. While I’m in the midwest, I’m going to drive to Ohio to visit my son Kyle, and we’re going to take a quick road-trip up to Cleveland, and catch the Great Lakes Theater Company production of Macbeth.

From their press release:

For this production, we will transform the Hanna Theatre into an Elizabethan theater, including NEW SEATING SECTIONS ON STAGE – surrounding the playing area and creating an immersive experience for audiences! Consider ONSTAGE seating when planning your visit to enjoy the fullness of this unique production. (Onstage seats are padded benches with backs similar in style to church pews. The bench seat is padded. Seating is assigned.)

Of course, as luck would have it, the onstage seating was sold out by the time I bought tickets.

So, to make a short story long, I don’t have a review for you today…but I have things I’m bummed about not seeing and things I’m excited to see.

And thanks, Angie!

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