#BardMadness: Round Three–the Elite Eight!

It’s March and time for Madness. But here at the Bill / Shakespeare Project, it’s not about the round ball, but about the grand Bard (of Avon, that is!). We’re through our Sweet Sixteen round and on to Round Three, which means the Elite Eight:

1 Romeo and Juliet [#RomJul]
9 Richard III [#R3]

29 The Winter’s Tale [#Winters]
28 The Merchant of Venice [#Merch]

11 Hamlet [#Hamlet]
3 A Midsummer Night’s Dream [#MBD]

7 Much Ado About Nothing [#Much]
2 Macbeth [#Macb]

Which are your faves?

You can vote in any of the following ways:

  • Leave the titles of your winning choices in the comments below
  • Tweet @walthall with #BardMadness and the hashtagged titles (see above), one winner for each pairing
  • Use the Instagram poll in the story at @billwalthall
  • Leave the titles of your winning choices in the comments of the BSP Facebook page…

This round ends tomorrow night at midnight… We’ll announce the Final Four on Monday, with Round Four beginning next Tuesday!

Cast your votes today!

5 Replies to “#BardMadness: Round Three–the Elite Eight!”

  1. Hey, this is actually getting easier!
    Richard III
    Merchant of Venice
    Much Ado About Nothing
    (But ask me when I’m in a different mood and I might choose R&J over RIII.)

  2. Richard III / The Winter’s Tale / Hamlet / Macbeth. (But I’m still grieving over the loss of Lear, the greatest play ever written—in the weirdest result since Trump-Clinton.)

  3. R&J (I’m teaching it is, so it feels a bit traitorous if I don’t pick it. Lol)

    Winter’s Tale

    Damn I’m this is now hard! Hamlet, I suppose

    And Macbeth

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