#BardMadness: Round One results!

OK, the Round of 32 is done in our Bard Madness bracket. And like the NCAA tournament, there have been a few upsets…

#19 Shrew walloped #13 Pericles 80% to 20%

#29 Winter’s Tale won a squeaker over #4 Othello 57% to 43%

#21 Richard II spanked #12 Henry V 67% to 33%
#28 Merchant took it to #5 Titus 60% to 40%

I’m looking at some of those seedings with a bit of self-doubt (as I’m sure the selection committee is rethinking those #1 seeds for Virginia and Xavier).

Check out the updated brackets, and ready yourself for the Sweet Sixteen tomorrow and Wednesday!

4 Replies to “#BardMadness: Round One results!”

  1. Now, I wouldn’t want to accuse the Bard Madness officials of anything unethical, but I did cast a vote for All’s Well and you’ve listed it with 0%!
    (Unethical??? I’m guessing insufficient sleep…) 😉

    1. Well, damn.

      Now that I review the comments, I see you are absolutely right. Whoops.

      Sorry… (that it still lost…).

      That said, I’m going to get a chance to see it live onstage for the first time this weekend!

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