#BardMadness round one continues!

Don’t forget: you still have one day to vote on the first half (the right side of the bracket) of the first round…

6 Measure For Measure [#M4M]
27 Henry VI (all three parts!) [#H6]

11 Hamlet [#Ham]
22 Cymbeline [#Cymb]

14 Pericles Prince of Tyre [#Per]
19 The Taming of the Shrew [#Shrew]

3 A Midsummer Night’s Dream [#Dream]
30 Love’s Labor’s Lost [#LLL]

7 Twelfth Night [#12N]
26 Timon of Athens [#Timon]

10 Much Ado About Nothing [#Ado]
23 As You Like It [#Like]

15 Henry IV (both parts!) [#H4]
18 Julius Caesar [#JC]

2 Macbeth [#Mac]
31 Antony and Cleopatra [#AC]

Which are your faves?

You can vote in any of the following ways:

  • Leave the titles of your winning choices in the comments below
  • Tweet @walthall with #BardMadness and the hashtagged titles (see above), one winner for each pairing
  • Use the Instagram polls in the story at @billwalthall
  • Leave the titles of your winning choices in the comments of the BSP Facebook page…

This round will end today; the second half (left side of the bracket) of the first round will be up tomorrow!

Cast your votes today!


2 Replies to “#BardMadness round one continues!”

  1. I am going with 6 Measure For Measure over Henry VI (all three parts! as “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

    Also, 11 Hamlet will strike down 22 Cymbeline. The suspense builds.

    Then, it is a real toss up between 14 Pericles and 19 Shrew but Kate wins my heart so Shrew.

    Of course 3 A Midsummer Night’s Dream will trump
    30 Love’s Labor’s Lost because there is no winner in a play with “lost” in its name.

    7 Twelfth Night is a slam dunk over 26 Timon, and
    10 Much Ado About Nothing actually is much ado about something so 23 As You Like It will be, well, not so likable.

    This next bout is tough: 15 Henry IV (both parts!) vs.18 Julius Caesar. I think Henry IV has twice the gusto of Caesar so Henry IV it is.

    Finally, 2 Macbeth takes out 31 Antony and Cleopatra. With the help of Lady Macbeth these two Egyptian romancers have almost no chance.

  2. Measure for Measure

    Hamlet (I feel like another “duh” is needed here)

    Taming b/c Kate is amazing


    Twelfth Night

    and MAN is this a tough one…I’m sad this isn’t further along in the madness…but I’m going to have to go with As You Like It. A woman who manipulates just about everything that happens in the play and teaches the man she loves how to woo? Awesome.

    Henry IV- Falstaff and hijinks and terrific father/son tension beats out JC, which I find a little boring.

    and Macbeth is a no brainer as it’s my favorite play.

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