#BardMadness: Championship Round!!!

It’s March (for two more days) and time for Madness. But here at the Bill / Shakespeare Project, it’s not about the round ball, but about the grand Bard (of Avon, that is!). We’re through our Final Four round and on to the championship:

1 Romeo and Juliet [#RomJul]
7 Much Ado About Nothing [#Nothing]

Who will it be: the love-birds from Verona or the bickering B’s of Messina? whose plan will win out: Friar Laurence or Friar Francis?

You can vote in any of the following TWO ways (since up to this round no one has used the hashtags or the Facebook page…):

Leave the titles of your winning choices in the comments below
Use the Instagram poll in the story at @billwalthall

This round will go through the weekend (I’m driving from Indy to Ohio tomorrow to spend some time with my son Kyle, and I won’t have time to crunch numbers until Monday…

Results will be announced on Monday, prior to the NCAA Championship game!

Cast your votes today!

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