Venus and Adonis… a breakdown and battle plan

Well, my first read-through of Venus and Adonis is complete.

Got to say that I really enjoyed it. While tackling it on thematic levels might work, I think I want to discuss it in sections, so here’s the plan:

Like I said before, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are going to be poem discussion days. And there are eleven of those days between now (counting today) and the end of the month. Now, the poem is 1194 lines long, broken down into 199 iambic pentameter sestets of ababcc.

I’m going to break down the poem into eight sections for discussion. For those reading along, on Wednesday, I’ll be discussing the first 31 stanzas, and on Friday, I’ll be doing a special bawdy episode focusing on the next nine stanzas. Next week, I’ll the next 28, 33, and 36 stanzas; the following week, the next 23, 16, and 23 stanzas.

Let’s have a blast!

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