A month from tonight…

Yeah, I know. You were expecting me to say something about Othello opening and some such thing. But that’s only a week away. No, what I want to talk about is the latest offering from the folks over at Toil and Trouble Burlesque.

I’ve written about (and interviewed) this great group of performers before. As their website describes:

Toil and Trouble… was founded in 2015 by creative producer Burgundy Kate, and is Los Angeles’ first Shakespearean Burlesque company. Why Shakespeare? Well, while we all admire the classical renditions of the Bard’s great works, and while we adore the modern movie adaptations (Dicaprio or otherwise) we still can’t help but feel that we can bring a bit more (or less) to the greatest plays, and sonnets, and characters ever written. The men and women of Toil and Trouble are made up of some of the greatest burlesque performers in Los Angeles… and, lets face it- when the greatest burlesque performers in Los Angeles team up with the greatest playwright in the history of the english language… only great things can come of it, right?
“Some are born great, some acheive greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”
Come let us thrust some greatness upon you.

Kinda cheeky, no? (see what I did there)

Now, here’s a promo of their most recent show, a full(ish) production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

In the past, I’ve seen their “Unrequited Love” show, and in a month they’ll debut what Toil and Trouble’s creative producer Angie Hobin describes as a night focusing on Shakespeare’s iconic leading ladies.

Works for me.

So if you’re in the North Hollywood area on Tuesday, February 27, check it out (I’m not sure if the ticket discount code has expired yet, but the shows I’ve seen have been more than worth the full cost of a ticket … I mean, c’mon: it’s bawdy, Bard, and barely-dressed — what’s not to love!)…and if you see me in the crowd, come over, and say hi!

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